3D Work

Modeling and Animation in Maya, Coding in Unity

Modeling in Maya

During the Spring 2017 semester, I took a 3D Modeling and Animation class, during which I learned how to create meshes, as well as apply textures and lighting. The final project was to create a still life scene. As an avid Mr. Robot fan, I chose to model symbolic objects from the show. See my renders below.

Animating in Maya

I also learned how to animate in Maya and completed a project to animate the Mr. Green character provided by Lynda.com. See the final result below.

Coding in Unity

During the Fall 2016 semester, I took Intro to Programming and UI Design in Unity 3D, during which I picked up the Unity C# API. I learned about importing models, creating GUI, optimizations such as occlusion culling, the Unity Physics Engine, and using audio.

For the final project, I worked with Cody Li to create a silly game called CAEK!. Watch the gameplay below.